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Hi there, I’m Marla! I’m on a journey to find optimal health through food and to help others do the same. With so much contradicting information about health online and in the media, it’s difficult to know which food is healthy and which is not. Since discovering the Paleo diet in college, I have been on the search for the most nutritious foods. I have discovered a lot and have changed my views about many different foods. I am no longer Paleo, although some parts of the Paleo way of eating I still agree with (such as not eating processed foods). I currently believe that there is beneficial nutrition in all whole plant foods and do not eat meat for both ethical and health reasons. This space has become my outlet for discovery, progression and creativity. My journey toward optimal health is ongoing and thrives on my curiosity of the complexity of food and the human body. Thank you for being a part of my adventure!

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